domingo, abril 26, 2009

Yesterday Night

I was downtown and saw Tony again. He was unusually glad with a glow in his eyes. I was surprised. Most of the times, he's in a bad mood. And we were talking and he said: "I found someone"-----"Oh, there's a women"---I replied. That was the start of the thing. There was a sparkle and he lent me this CD. I was curious and after a while I was at home listening.

And I heard the talk of an Angel. Her name: Leona Lewis. Album: "Spirit".

Jesus, this girl sings like a dove and makes us fly like only Angels can do. It opens with "Bleeding Love" and you stare at the clear voice and feeling of a beautiful woman. Brunette, sexy like a goddess....and those green eyes to make you dream about paradise. I was surprised, petrified with that voice. And I keep on listening.

Whatever it takes and I begun to think" this is not real", no one can sing this, like this. But... let me tell you people, she can.

“Better in time", made me cry. My mind did open like if I was at the church, in front of a Gospel choir of "Gospel Angels". I took large minutes to understand what was going on with me.

You see, this girl, she got the moves, she got the talent and she knows how to make you dream with her voice. She sings like a bird in the morning. With "Homeless" there was talent and sadness but no one could cry inside the room when "Better in Time" was playing. It has been too long sense I heard such a good voice and music. Leona Baby, you are the one. I got out next morning and I bought the CD. Sony is the Enterprise and "Spirit" is the name of the CD Album. Keep on going Leona. We love you baby. I'm already your Fan.

Braga, Portugal - April 23 2009
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